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Pediatric Dentistry Specialist

Pediatric Dentistry must be handled by the right dentist because children need the right start with oral health care. Dr. Oanh Le, D.D.S. offers young patients in San Mateo, CA the best beginnings.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

How Old Should a Child Be At Their First Dental Visit?

Dental care for children should start very early in life, according to the American Dental Association. Children should see the dentist at the time of first tooth eruption or on their first birthday, whichever happens first. Even when children still have no teeth at all, proper gum care is still important.

What Should Parents Look For in a Dentist?

Parents who are choosing a pediatric dentistry provider need to look for a dentist who has extensive experience in treating patients of all ages. This means that the dentist will have the knowledge and skills needed to care for the child both while they're still young and as they grow into their teen years and adulthood. Parents should also seek out a pediatric dentistry provider who is patient and compassionate with their young patients. Many children experience at least temporary fear at the dentist's office, but a dentist like Dr. Le can put them at ease and make the entire check-up and treatment process as easy and even fun as possible for the child. Dr. Le has plenty of fun distractions for young patients, which allows them to see the dental visit as an adventure rather than something that they should fear.

The most important thing that parents can do for their child's oral health is to establish good routines early in life. Children should learn to brush their own teeth when they are still very young. To make brushing more fun, parents can allow the child to set a timer for brushing. Twice a day, two minutes at a time is the rule for good oral health. Small non-food rewards can also help keep kids on track with brushing and flossing.